Girl #4

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Girl #3

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Girl #2

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Girl #1

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, is this website affiliated in any way with the similar site, "Guess Her Muff"?
No, GuessHerMuffin is ENTIRELY UNAFFILIATED with GuessHerMuff. This blog certainly pays homage to the style and content of GuessHerMuff, but is only intended as a joke. Sorry for the confusion.

Where did the idea for this site come from?
A trip to Panera.

What is the point of this site?

Yes, there are pictures of naked muffins here but hopefully this site will also break down some preconceptions we make about people. It's also been said that this site also makes a fun drinking game.

How can I submit photos?
Thank you for the interest but this site is maintained as a hobby and there simply isn't the time to handle submissions. Likewise, contact requests will no be fulfilled.

How do I get an image removed?
This site isn't here to make anybody look bad. If you are the owner of an image show here and would like it to be removed, please leave a message in the comment section of the post in question and it will be removed.

Why are there missing numbers?
The missing numbers are images/posts that have been removed.

How does the Hall of Fame section work?
The current criteria for entry into the HoF is 4 1/2 stars or greater with a minimum of 1700 votes.

Are comments moderated?
In general no. However, threatening or racist comments will be deleted, as will SPAM or posting of personal info of the person in the image.